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Here's to the start of beautiful eyebrows.


Nice brows make me feel complete. It's easy, it's fast - it's Brow Simple. I lost my brows several years ago which led me to invent a product that would make it easier to have great brows with little effort. Brow Simple is that product. I received praise from all the Dragons on Dragons Den and accepted a deal from Manjit Minhas for more than I was asking. "I was excited & impressed with your presentation, idea & business plan for Brow the shooting of Dragons' Den. Then I spoke with you & reviewed the details. I am even more convinced that you have a great project & business." — Manjit Minhas, Entrepreneur, Dragon, CEO


You can feel good about supporting our tiny, little Canadian company that invented and manufactures this amazing product in Canada.


Over-plucking, genetics or illness can take your brows.
Brow Simple gives them back.

I can go without makeup, but I won't go without eyebrows.

We can go without makeup, but we still want to feel good about ourselves. Stepping out the door with a killer set of brows might just be all we need.

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Brow Simple
is for everyone.

Brow Simple is a game changer for those with sparse brows, light brows, great brows or no brows at all.

Whether from over-plucking, genetics, chemo or alopecia - missing eyebrows are no fun.

Brow Simple helps you create beautiful, symmetric brows in less than a minute.

  • Kickstarter