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What our customers say...


Sydney, 27

Brow Simple works really well! Usually takes a while to get used to new tools, but this was an out of the box success!


Carol, 60

I love it. It creates the perfect eyebrow shape. Great for people with little or no eyebrows from overplucking or medical conditions. It takes a bit of practice. I didn’t need the stroke stencil but I see it’s potential for creating natural looking brows.  


Jenny, 50

Brow Simple is super easy and really so much fun. I can go without makeup, but eyebrows are a must.  


"I was excited & impressed with your presentation, idea & business plan for Brow the shooting of Dragons' Den. 

Then I spoke with you & reviewed the details. I am even more convinced that you have a great project & business."

Manjit Minhas, Entrepreneur, Dragon, CEO

*The episode did not make it to air.

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