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Our simple story

We are a tiny, Canadian company that

manufactures this amazing product in Canada.

It’s the classic age-old story.

Girl loves eyebrows.

Girl loses eyebrows.

Girl freaks out and comes up with a revolutionary

new tool to create beautiful, easy eyebrows.


I lost my eyebrows a few years ago. It was almost overnight that I went from "good brows" to "no brows." 

I hadn’t thought about eyebrows in years and once they were gone, they were all I could think about. I knew I wasn't alone. Whether it's from over-plucking, genetics, chemo or alopecia - missing brows are no fun. (We recently had a customer with a disorder called Trichotillomania - it is a type of impulse control disorder where people may pull out their hair, eyebrows, eyelashes. Brow Simple was a good solution for this person).


Before inventing Brow Simple, I was in search of a solution, I bought a brow pencil that I assumed must be magic (because it cost $30). I tried to draw them on but couldn’t get them right (it was not magic) but without natural brows, you don't know where to start, where to stop or where to arch. After an exhaustive search for something that would give me quick, easy brows, I realized it didn’t exist - so I invented it. For anyone with no brows, sparse brows, light brows or if you lost your brows, Brow Simple is a game changer. 


People with great brows are loving Brow Simple too because it's beautiful brows in under a minute.

About Brow Simple

• Brow Simple is Made in Canada - our goal with this great new product is to scale the     

   company to create more manufacturing jobs.

• You can give yourself a "brow lift" with Brow Simple

• Brow Simple pitched on Dragons' Den and received 2 offers (Pitch did not air)

• Brow Simple is beautiful brows in under a minute

• The waste from the stencils can be used in the glasses manufacturing

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