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  • What is the coloured powder you're brushing on?
    We've found that "Clairol Root Touch-Up Powder" works so great. It stays on great and the colours are perfect. You can also use regular eyeshadow or eye powder but you may need a base layer of BB cream.
  • How does the the eyeshadow stay on?
    If using Clairol Root Touch-Up powder, it stays on great as is. If using eyeshadow, apply a little BB Cream or concealer to your brow area before applying your brows. This helps the shadow stick and is usually enough - however, a light spritz of "makeup setting spray" will keep your whole look flawless for a long time.
  • Does the eyeshadow come with the kit?
    Sorry, no - because brows come in all colours, we suggest you get the shade that's right for you - "Clairol Root Touch-up Powder" is a great product to go with Brow Simple.
  • Is there a permanent way of doing this?
    We have used a henna with the templates and it has worked quite well.
  • What colours do I use?
    A lighter colour for the template works well and then a darker for the "hair" using the stroke stencil. That said, we like the darker colours for both - it's dramatic. Some people need warmer (red) tones and some need cooler (blueish) - you might have to experiment to see which looks good with your skintone.
  • I have trouble getting them even, what am I doing wrong?"
    That happens to the best of us. Sometimes we raise our eyebrows while applying them - try to keep your brows relaxed as you apply. Also, make sure the stencil is straight and even on your face before starting.
  • Are you really made in Canada?
    Yes we are! That was the goal from the beginning- to support the local economy. Our goal is to scale this business to create manufacturing jobs right here at home.
  • The eye shadow won't stick.
    If you've applied a little BB Cream, it should work fine. Try loading up the stencil brush with eyeshadow and gently applying to stencil. Sometimes people brush a little hard and it wipes off the colour instead of putting it on.
  • The template stencils don't fit my brows.
    Lucky you - you have brows! Maybe all you need is the "Stroke" stencil to fill in and shape your brows. When you have natural brows, you have a starting or ending point and the single "Stroke" stencil is perfect for those lucky people with brows. ​
  • The first time I did it, they looked great. Does it normally take practice?"
    Many people find they are pretty happy with their first try but it can take some practice (just like false eyelashes - ugh - why can't I get the hang of those). It seems like when people do it for the first time, they are quite surprised how easy it is and how great they look. It's pretty fun to try all kinds of different looks. Once you have it mastered, maybe those ombre brows don't look so daunting anymore. ​
  • Do I need both glasses and stroke pack?
    You need whatever works best for you. We found that our eyebrows evolved and loved the fact that we could change them up (and give ourselves a brow lift - without surgery!!!) There are no rules to eyebrows (well, a unibrow is generally frowned upon) so do what you like or what makes you feel good.
  • My brows are gone from chemo, is this safe?"
    The good news is yes! It is possible to look good even when you aren’t feeling so great. Normal is a bit of a weird term these days, but having eyebrows can help in that department. Something as simple as eyebrows can be a huge boost to your self esteem and outlook on life. Brow Simple was created with you in mind.
  • I wear glasses when I put on makeup, will Brow Simple work for me?"
    You're not alone - we found that regular glasses will sit nicely on top of the Brow Simple glasses and didn't seem to get in the way of applying brows. It is a little trickier of course, but it does work.
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